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They do not define social services They define PERSONAL social services, not social services The PERSONAL nature explains the difference -- like social workers HERE"S THEIR CARD - THIS IS NIOT TO READ just to show "personal" A. Interpretation - Social services are defined exclusively by the interaction between professional social workers and clients. Van Wormer ‘06 - B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina, a postgraduate degree in English education from Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland,; a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Georgia (specializing in corrections and social psychology) and finally, an MSSW from the University of Tennessee-Nashville. (Katherine, Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work: The U.S. in Global Perspective, p. 557-558) As we begin a summary of personal social services and social change activities, we are again confronted with the fact that there is no accepted definition of what we are discussing. Elizabeth Wickenden’s discussion of the definition of personal social services appears to be a useful one: “For my part, I find my best understanding to lie in the interaction of three phrases ‘social welfare’ to describe a broad functional field; ‘social service’ to describe the professional service element of that function; and ‘social work’ to describe the profession which directs, supervises, or performs these services” (1976, p. 573). Wickenden points out another problem in considering the social services : the fact that such services themselves
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DDI09.ss.Personalservice-subset.wave5 - They do not define...

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