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Dartmouth 2K9 1 T-For A. Interpretation- The aff must be exclusively for people under the poverty line 1. Poverty is defined by the poverty line Cambridge Dictionary, 2000 Cambridge University Press p.662 The poverty level/ line is the amount of income a person or a family needs in order to maintain an acceptable 2. for is a term of exclusion which must be given statutory meaning US CUSTOMS COURT 39 AMERICAN COLORTYPE CO. v. UNITED STATES C. D. 107, Protest 912094-G against the decision of the collector of customs at the port of New York UNITED STATES CUSTOMS COURT, THIRD DIVISION 2 Cust. Ct. 132; 1939 Cust. Ct. LEXIS 35 The same reasons used by the appellate court may be adopted in construing the language of the statute herein involved. If  the words "for industrial use" mean no more than the words "articles of utility,"   there could be no reason for inserting the additional word s "for industrial use" in the paragraph. Therefore, it must be held that the [*135] new language "for industrial use" was intended to have a different meaning from the words "articles of utility," as construed in the case of Progressive Fine Arts Co. v. United States, [**8] supra. Webster's New International Dictionary defines the word "industrial" as follows: Industrial. 1. Relating to industry or labor as an economic factor, or to a branch or the branches of industry; of the nature of, or constituting, an industry or industries * * * . The transferring of the scenes on an oil painting to a printed copy is a branch of industry under the definition above quoted. Some of the meanings of the preposition "for" signify intent , as shown by the following definition in the same dictionary: For. 2. Indicating the end with reference to which anything is, acts, serves, or is done; as: a. As a preparation for; with the object of; in order to be, become, or act as; conducive to. * * *. d. Intending, or in order, to go to or in the direction of. Therefore, the words "articles for industrial use" in paragraph 1807 imply that Congress intended to   exclude from that provision articles   either purchased or  imported with the intention to   use the same in industry for manufacturing purposes. B. Violation-Not all prisoners are poor some are millionaires M.J. Stephey writing for TIME in partnership with CNN Wednesday, Jul. 22, 20 09 (“Making Prisoners Pay — Literally” http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1912065,00.html) There are enough wealthy people who have broken the law and can afford to pay for it . We spend $1 billion a year to incarcerate individuals in New York. We have drug dealers who are probably going to leave after a sentence of 2 to 5 years and go back to millions of dollars they've made illegally . C. Standards
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DDI09.SS.PrisonsNeg.Wave2 - Dartmouth 2K9 1 T-For A....

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