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DDI09-BQ-Foodstamps-Neg - BQH Lab Food Stamps Neg Dartmouth...

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BQH Lab- Food Stamps Neg Dartmouth 2K9 1 Index “Nishu, you see those books over there, the hazard yellow ones?” “ya” “they’re nuclear regulatory commission books” “lol” 1
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BQH Lab- Food Stamps Neg Dartmouth 2K9 2 Strat Sheet Conditions CP: This counterplan was a generic, but the 1NC solvency card isn’t from that file, and it’s REALLY good. There aren’t any extensions in this file, but that’s why you got the generic. States Conditions CP: This is the same as the conditions except it has the states implement, I only put it in because I found the solvency card and states is more comfortable for many. Use the generic here. The normal conditions is what I would recommend because it avoids states counterplan theory arguments. 1NC Net Benefit: The 1NC shell is a little shady, the internal to economic collapse being intelligence, but the 2NC shell is meant to counter this, because it’s much better. The 2NC is from the generic, but the 1NC is original. This Net Benefit works with both counterplans The OTHER Net Benefit: Run politics, and use a generic Social Services link in the 1NC, the specific link is in this file in the states 2NC block because it needed to be re-tagged and underlined to suit our purposes Case Turns: These are the ones that I waxed poetic about in lab, the best ones are in the shell. The impact is mass death or something. They can be read anywhere on the case flows. They take out both the nutrition advantage and the economy. The counterplans don’t solve the case turns but remember the percentile argument Maggie made in lab. Solvency Defense: There is only one card here, but it is helpful in explaining a lot of the Rector cards. And it’s pretty legit Inherency card: I found. I cut. You conquer. The Rector evidence: I found the link to this article somewhere and it changed my life. This article is the ultimate neg to food stamps. BUT be careful. The ev is all based of the reform of a program called the AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) program, which (if you listened to Maggie’s topic lectures) you know became TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families). Rector worships TANF and thinks that many similar reforms should be made to the FSP. Definitions: There is only one, the rest are under the Rector ev explanatory section just above. It’s the date of the stimulus in case you want to run the analytics we talked about in lab. Dependence Turn: This is only a 2NC shell because I figure each team will have their own generics. You can just as easily run it in the 1NC. WARNING this gets you into the stigma debate, so get out your universal CP file! Extensions: There aren’t many and they are all good. Other than that if you don’t know what extensions are/are for go talk to Maggie or Robbie.
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DDI09-BQ-Foodstamps-Neg - BQH Lab Food Stamps Neg Dartmouth...

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