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DDI-09-BQ-Prisoners-Neg - Dartmouth 2K9 1 GT PRISONERS NEG...

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b3008c5107934a9a44ffbc172793b1ae6762c657 Dartmouth 2K9 1 GT PRISONERS NEG STRATEGY SHEET The GT Prisons aff makes it easier to sue for rape. 1AC: The USFG should make rape actionable under the Prison Litigation Reform Act. Advantages – Prison rights, prison rape, gender, rape (out of prisons), and international law. 1NC should be : ASPEC T – Social Services T – Removing a Barrier T – Subsets (not in here) Courts CP Rape Rhetoric K Politics D/A Case 2NR Options (no particular order, all are good Ts) 1) T (either one) 2) Courts and Politics 3) Politics and Case 4) Kritik 1) Inherency – All their “prison rape now” cards comes from 1999. There has been many supreme court cases and bills since then (including the new set of standards that passed last year!). Do not be afraid to go for politics and status quo solves the case. 2) Kritik – Get them to say “but rape is worse than death!” and you’re set (instructions on how to do that below). If you’re going for this, talk about how the impacts turn the POLICY implications of the case (rapes become more deadly) and refer to specific lines/rhetoric in the 1AC. 3) Courts – Solves just as well as Congress. They don’t specify what branch they defend so you have to ask in cross-ex and run ASPEC. **HAVE COURTS-DON’T-LINK-TO-PTX READY** 4) T – if you’re slow, don’t read all the T violations, but you must read ASPEC otherwise they’ll spike the CP. 5) Politics – if you’re saying the plan is unpopular, refer to the inherency frontline as a reason why Congress would be pissed if they had to pass ANOTHER prison reform act when they JUST passed one last year (especially in the midst of the huge healthcare debate). If you’re saying it’s popular, say the inherency arguments all prove why Congress has empirically been a huge supporter of prison reform. **THEY DON’T NON-UNIQUE PTX – the reforms were before 09 Last printed 0/0/0000 0:00:00 AM 1
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b3008c5107934a9a44ffbc172793b1ae6762c657 Dartmouth 2K9 2 CROSS-EX QUESTIONS -Why would rape outweigh a huge nuclear holocaust that kills everyone including prisoners? … So what would be worse, someone dying, or someone being raped? (This question sets up the kritik. Act dumb and pretend you’re trying to argue why the disad outweighs when you’re actually securing the link. “Rape outweighs death” is all you need.) -Golden talks about CONGRESS amending the PLRA. Do you use Congress as per your only solvency advoate? (Better than “which branch of the USFG do you defend”) ***TOPICALITY*** 1NC T-Social Services A. Social services include healthcare, education, food, and transfer payments Oxford Companion to the Politics of the World 01 (Paul Streiten, “Basic needs” Social services covers the provision of public goods such as health and education , as well as food subsidies . These raise the earning power of the poor. Transfer payments
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DDI-09-BQ-Prisoners-Neg - Dartmouth 2K9 1 GT PRISONERS NEG...

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