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BQ 502efd3c3899ec61ec9e0d8898247983a5280031 Dartmouth 2K9 1 RACISM NEG D/a turns case – war racism = best way to answer the advantage and soak up the “try or die” claims Tailor the frontline to include your witty analytics about the case you’re debating (i.e. the plan doesn’t solve racism b/c…) -Scott Racism Frontline 1/2 1. Plan doesn’t address the root cause of racism BB Robinson , Phd “Responding to Root Causes – Not Symptoms: White Supremacy as the Root Cause of Racism” 8/20/ 06 Getting down to brass tacks, most Americans will tell you that racism persists , and that racism contributes to the adverse outcomes that Black Americans experience. Moreover , if they are true to themselves, most Americans will identify the root cause of racism as “white Supremacy.” That is, racism exists because of the unfounded notion that Whites are superior to Blacks. Given that most Americans conclude that White Supremacy is the root cause of the problems that Black Americans face, why are so many efforts [are] initiated to solve Black American problems without addressing this root cause ? 2. Plan doesn’t spillover to other countries – racism will still persist worldwide 3. U.S. foreign policy is a form of institutionalized racism Anup Shah December 20, 20 04 “Racism” http://www.globalissues.org/article/165/racism#RacisminEurope In the US, racism is a well known issue. From racial profiling to other issues such as affirmative action, police brutality against minorities and the history of slavery and the rising resentment against immigrants. Since the horrific terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, Security concerns have understandably increased, but so too has racial profiling, discrimination e tc. In the early aftermath of the attacks some Americans that were understandably outraged and horrified , even attacked some members of the Sikh community where at least one was even killed, because they resembled certain types of Muslims, with beards and turbans . Various people of Middle East or South Asian origin have faced controversial detentions or questionings by officials at American airports. This web site’s section on the war against terror has more details on these aspects. 4. Racism declining in status quo – election of Obama and nomination of Sotomayor prove legislative racism is on the decline 5. Racism will always exist under a capitalist system Saswat Pattanayak is an online journalist Thursday March 2 007 http://saswat.com/blog/crash_course_kenneth_eng.html What needs to be done at this juncture is not for black commentators attacking Asian press or South Asian commentators condemning Kenneth Eng. For all we know, Eng could well become a celebrity in a few months. The root cause of racism Last printed 0/0/0000 0:00:00 AM 1
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BQ 502efd3c3899ec61ec9e0d8898247983a5280031 Dartmouth 2K9 2 is not one bigoted mind. Its capitalism that we largely let go unchecked for in its practice
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DDI09-BQ-Racism-Neg - BQ...

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