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Court Legitimacy Blocks Dartmouth 2K9 2 Abortion 1NC 1/2 A. The court’s decision to uphold the voting rights act in a narrow ruling resulted in legitimacy Los Angeles Times 6/23 (The LA times “Voting Rights Act is upheld ;The Supreme Court leaves safeguards intact while allowing some municipalities to seek exemptions. June 23, 2009 Lexis) The historic Voting Rights Act -- the 1965 law that ended a century of racial discrimination at the ballot box and gave blacks a political voice across the South -- survived a strong challenge at the Supreme Court on Monday as justices pulled back from a widely anticipated decision to strike down a key part of the law as outdated and unfair to today's South. Instead, the justices agreed to narrow the law's impact by allowing municipalities with a clean record to seek an exemption. Though the court sided with the Texas water district that brought the case, its 8-1 decision preserved the core of the Voting Rights Act, including its special scrutiny for any changes in election rules by Southern states. The ruling also protected the Roberts court from charges of conservative "judicial activism" in its refusal to tamper with an act of Congress, a often sensitive procedure fraught with political risk. Monday's decision, considered among the most important of the term, came as a surprise and a relief to civil rights advocates . B. The intricacies of abortion means it will always be controversial Graber, 96 (Mark, Professor of Law and Government @ U Maryland, Rethinking Abortion: Equal Choice, the Constitution, and Reproductive Politics, 38) Nevertheless, the main rhetorical obstacles pro-choice, pro-life, and anti- Roe advocates face are substantive, not stylistic. No argument at the present time, even one crafted by the most eloquent presidential speech writer or the most sophisticated political advertising agency, is likely to persuade a substantial majority of citizens that basic principles of philosophical or constitutional justice provide clear answers to questions about abortion rights and policies. The foundational values of pro-choice, pro-life, and anti- Roe position all enjoy broad popular support and all are deeply towed in the American political and constitutional tradition Americans cannot reach a consensus on abortion policy because they cannot choose among those values when they conflict.'" The clash of absolutes—fetal life versus procreative choice, written versus living constitutions, and democracy versus judicial review--is, in the view of many citizens, philosophically, constitutionally, and democratically unresolvable. C. Ruling against the public crushes legitimacy
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DDI-Legitimacy-Blocks - Court Legitimacy Blocks Dartmouth...

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