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AT: Structural problems with Head Start Preschool education is important Early education is reduces unemployment and crime rates Washington Post, 08 (Washington Post, 9/24/08, dyn/content/article/2008/09/24/AR2008092401215.html "Now, more than ever, is the time to be making this investment in early education ," said Vera Steiner Blore, executive director of Fairfax Futures, a county-funded group that organized the forum. "If kids get off to the right start with critical thinking and problem-solving skills . . . all of us reap the reward," she said. Blore said that spending for early learning brings dividends by reducing rates of remediation, crime and unemployment . Momentum to strengthen early childhood education has grown significantly nationwide in the past decade as research has shown positive effects on student performance and behavior. Early education leaves both long-term effects to children and influences parents’ attitude positively Lazar et al, Consortium for Longitudinal Studies, 82 (Lazar et al, “Lasting Effects of Early Education: A Report from the Consortium for Longitudinal Studies”, 1982, h ttp:// ) Results show that early education programs for children from low-income families had long-lasting effects in four areas: school competence, developed abilities, children’s attitudes and values, and impact on the family. Children who attended programs were significantly more likely to meet their school’s basic requirements . Controlling for family background factors and initial ability, program graduates were significantly less likely to be assigned to special education classes and less likely to be retained in grade than were controls . The effect apparently operated for all the children regardless of sex, ethnic background, initial ability level, or early family background factors. Children who attended early childhood programs surpassed their controls on the Stanford-Binet intelligence test for several years after the program had ended. There was no evidence that the programs differentially raised the IQQ test scores of some subgroups of children (differing on sex, initial ability, and family background). There was some indication that program graduates performed better on achievement tests than did controls. In 1976, children who had attended early education programs were significantly
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more likely than were controls to give achievement-related reasons, such as school or work accomplishments, for being proud of themselves. Older program graduates also rated their school performance significantly better than did controls . Program participation also affected maternal attitudes toward school performance and vocational aspirations relative to those of the child . Education key to stronger military and boosts grad rates cutting crime; urge state
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education+-+add - AT Structural problems with Head Start...

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