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9ba20a279c51e2452c58707d8089fe7b5810820e.doc Dartmouth 2K9 1 FARC = destabilizing FARC, using drug trafficking funds, is the greatest cause of Colombian and other Latin American instability. Stratfor , private intelligence company, 05 (Stratfor, private intelligence company, 03-09-2005, “FARC: Globalization, Crime and the Revolution,” Stratfor, http://www.stratfor.com/farc_globalization_crime_and_revolution ) Other Latin American governments that want to keep their distance from the Colombian conflict are not likely to echo Duarte and announce offensives against the FARC. However, Duarte's decision to forge close counterterrorism and security cooperation links with Bogota likely was quietly supported by the Bush administration , which perceives the FARC's spread to Paraguay and other countries in the region as a dangerous destabilizing force . Since the late 1990s the FARC -- Latin America's oldest, largest and most lethal militant group -- has gone global in a big way. A combination of economic, political and strategic forces are turning the largely rural, peasant-based FARC into a multinational enterprise with ties to organized crime groups and armed militant organizations in other Latin American countries and in other parts of the world, including Europe, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. The FARC's internationalization of its criminal and militant political activities -- particularly to other Latin American countries -- has serious implications for stability in the region , within nations such as Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru and within larger countries such as Brazil and Argentina. The FARC's widening alliances with organized crime groups portend more violent crime and crime-related social problems in these countries. The FARC's criminal alliances with political groups such as Paraguay's Free Fatherland Party (PPL) also imply that politically motivated crimes such as ransom kidnappings and murder could proliferate regionally. It also is likely that local crime groups allied with the FARC could more frequently target the FARC's declared foes -- such as U.S. government personnel and U.S. citizens in general who reside in Latin American countries -- for kidnapping and other violent crimes.
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FARC-Cards(2) -...

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