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Future reforms fail due to the flypaper nature of the Court Arkadin, 04 (“The flypaper court gets some vinegar”. The Confidential Report. Although he doesn't mention it, Rosen's argument also echoes that made by Gerald Rosenberg in The Hollow Hope, which I've alluded to before here. Rosenberg argues that civil reformers waste their time with litigation, getting stuck in "the flypaper court" that has no real power to affect social change when their efforts would be better made in other arenas.
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Unformatted text preview: Although Rosenberg's work makes some interesting points about the powerful myths surrounding Brown v Board of Ed , his evidence and conclusions about the lack of impact Brown had on desegregation and more generally about the ineffectiveness of courts to produce social change have been challenged, most notably by Michael McCann. He also alludes to work on the Supreme Court and public opinion, which has found that the Supreme Court is not often too far out of step with the public....
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