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FOOD-STAMPS-NEG-FINAL - Food Stamp Neg 2.0 Dartmouth 2K9 1...

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Food Stamp Neg 2.0 Dartmouth 2K9 1 FOOD STAMP NEGATIVE Options: T-persons in poverty (they remove quality control system) T-social service requires interaction T-barrier Biopolitics K Capitalism K Spending Disad Politics Disad Tax/Subsidy CP States CP My Ideal 1NC: T Spending Politics Tax/Subsidy CP Kritik Economy Solvency Nutrition 2NR (from best to least) 1) CP + Spending + Economy + Solvency 2) Kritik + Concede stimulus didn’t solve (proves Cap doesn’t work) 3) T-barrier 4) Case + Politics (if you want to go for ptx, don’t read the card in the stimulus ext that says stimulus just passed) There’s only a risk the CP doesn’t solve economy. CP definitely solves nutrition (if not better than the plan). Intel tells me their answers are “CP doesn’t solve trickle up Keynesian economics advn” and “targeting key/inevitable.” No add ons were read. Obviously they may have been innovating but this is a good sign. If going for the CP, go for the stigma n/b, spending d/a, and stimulus solved the case. *Get economy cards from the full employment file! Jobs increasing now, and answers to each econ scenario (they’re all the same) will be useful. *Get universal CP / bioptx file! You need the stigma net benefit blocks from there **Spend time in these places: -CP solvency deficits -Stimulus solved -Spending Last printed 0/0/0000 0:00:00 AM 1
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Food Stamp Neg 2.0 Dartmouth 2K9 2 MAKE THEM SS LITHER AWAY. T – Social Services A. Social services require personal interaction between providers and users. Brian Munday , Professor, University of Kent, prepared for the Council of Europe March 20 07 http://www.coe.int/t/dg3/social policies/socialrights/source/ID476 Social services include all services that are a) considered to be of a special importance for society on the whole and where (b) personal interaction between providers and users has a key role. B. Food stamps and social services are distinct. ALLARD 7 Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Taubman Center for Public Policy, Brown University http:// wcpc.washington.edu/news/seminars/docs/gettingThere2007-12-03.pdf “Getting There or Losing Out: Place, Race, and Access to the Safety Net” Even though social services are categorized as person-based assistance, they have a distinct spatial or place component . Promoting economic self-sufficiency and greater well-being through a service-based safety net hinges on how accessible services are to those in need. Place matters more in a service-based safety net reliant upon local governmental and nonprofit agencies than a system that primarily provides assistance through cash assistance of income maintenance programs. Unlike welfare cash assistance, the EITC, or food stamps, social services cannot be mailed or electronically transferred to an individual.
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FOOD-STAMPS-NEG-FINAL - Food Stamp Neg 2.0 Dartmouth 2K9 1...

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