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Unformatted text preview: bb03aba81dab9485f3958b063d0735d865c22dca Dartmouth 2K9 1 The Prison Rape Elimination Act in 2003 is setting up detection, prevention, and punishment measures to deal with prison rape Bellisle, Legal Affairs Reporter June 27 20 09 (MARTHA BELLISLE Legal Affairs Reporter at Reno Gazette-Journal June 27, 2009 “Federal government makes recommendation to reduce prison rape” A report from a federal commission outlines standards designed to lower the rate of sexual assaults against inmates in the nation's prisons. The report, released Tuesday by the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission, says sexual abuse in prisons undermines efforts to rehabilitate inmates and makes correctional environments more dangerous for staff and inmates. The commission was created after Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act in 2003, which called for a study of sexual abuse o f inmates and ordered the development of national standards "to improve the detection, prevention, reduction and punishment of prison rape. "Under the act, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder must issue mandatory rules created based on the commission standards. The rules would apply to federal prisons within a year, and state prisons soon after , the report said . States that fail to comply with the rules risk losing 5 percent of federal funds that are allocated for correctional purposes , the report said. Nevada Department of Corrections Director Howard Skolnik said he had not seen the report but said rape in Nevada facilities is uncommon. "Although, obviously, one is too many, we find that the number of substantiated allegations is small," he said. Skolnik also said the state has established a division to deal with prison rape, directed to "respond to any inappropriate sexual activity, monitor allegations closely, investigate these allegations and take appropriate actions ." Lee Rowland, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, questioned Skolnik's assessment of the frequency of prison rape in Nevada, saying the state is not immune from what has become a national problem."The ACLU of Nevada has, over the years, received complaints of sexual abuse of inmates," she said. "A lack of substantiated cases does not mean we don't have that issue in Nevada."Rowland praised the report conclusions, agreeing the focus needs to be on prevention, training, and screening for vulnerable prisoners, rather than on trying to confirm cases of sexual assault. The Prison Rape Elimination Act goes beyond the affirmative by actually increasing funding to ensure that prison rape is eliminated and standards are met Naughton, Director of the Crime Survivor Program June 16 20 09 Kerry Naughton Director of the Crime Survivor Program. June 16, 2009 (“Prison Rape Elimination Act: Eliminating Sexual Violence in Oregon’s Correctional Institutions” Congress unanimously passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003...
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GT+prison+rape+neg+cards -...

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