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501612eb9add3537d0d79059b829b839278bd09e.doc Dartmouth 2K9 1 CERD rights aren’t protected in the US anyway US Human Rights Network February 20 08 (U.S. Human Rights Network’s CERD Working Groups on Local Implementation and Treaty Obligations, composed of Tara J. Melish, Cynthia Soohoo, Theresa Harris, Nancy Bothne, Ramona Ortega, Ejim Dike, Penny Venetis, Ann Fagan Ginger, Adam Shearer, Brian Gladstein, and Curtis Cooper February 2008 To address these failures and to comply with the obligations the U.S. assumed upon ratification of the CERD, the U.S. should adopt specific implementing legislation that would allow victims of human rights violations to claim violation of their CERD-protected rights before state and federal courts. The U.S. needs a comprehensive system for monitoring compliance with CERD obligations and reviewing the Committee’s concluding observations and recommendations. The role of state human rights commissions needs to be considered , as well as the possibility of a national human rights commission with a mandate to monitor compliance with human rights treaties, including CERD. Initiatives focused on state and local implementation of and compliance with the CERD’s provisions are needed , particularly state and local human rights commissions. Finally, greater public education efforts on the CERD should be undertaken, including training for government officials,
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Legal+Services+CERD+updates - Dartmouth 2K9 1 CERD rights...

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