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Health Care Negative Dartmouth 2K9 1 Strategy Sheet Well the file includes frontlines to the two advantages with extensions on most arguments. It shouldn’t be too hard to win any risk of a disadvantage with all the defense and offense being thrown down on the case flows. Speaking of disadvantage: Economy disadvantages link hard, because not only will it cover people in poverty, but because they claim a spill-over effect, it becomes universal health care, which is ridiculously expensive. Politics also has good some cards down there. They’re mainly talking about health care reform, but with enough finagling, you can spin it to say something along the lines of: “Republicans (or whoever) will realize this is just another attempt by Obama to set a foundation for a universal, federally, funded health plan.” The Tamaskar and Rising evidence (#1 – State Budgets Frontline) is good on how single payer will really mess up everything (health care, economy, and politics). So it’s possible to run the Health Care Reform politics scenario, although you will have to choose whether or not your going to run much of the impact defense in the frontlines, because it will probably take out the impact of the politics DA, unless you read like NMD or biotech. States isn’t the best CP, there first advantage specifically indicates that states are getting wrecked currently because of Medicaid, but there is solvency included. The Pincer CP doesn’t link to politics, solves insurance and therefore solves swine/bird flu, so you will have to do work on the state budget advantage. And I don’t play games when it comes to highlighting, so the underlined in the file is way too much. You should re-highlight when this gets printed to make sure you can actually read some off-case arguments along with this. Last printed 1
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Health Care Negative Dartmouth 2K9 2 State Budgets Frontline 1/5 1. Single payer will never solve, is a giant politics link, and destroys the economy Tamaskar and Rising, 2003 (Prashant and Josh, Medical College of Ohio, Boston University School of Medicine, “Theoretical Models for Delivering Universal Health Care: An analysis of important concepts,” http://www.amsa.org/pdf/model.pdf ) [Charlie Stephens] However, the single-payer system also has some drawbacks that may make it unattractive to some people. The disadvantage that stands as the greatest obstacle to single payer in the United States is political in nature . At a time when many people feel that the private sector is better equipped to deliver services to the populace, it will be difficult to convince politicians and their constituents that government should take over the role of financing health care, especially. Also, because health-care financing would be a function of the federal government, it could be sensitive to fluctuations in the mercurial political climate. At any time the nation’s health-care system could be subject to budgetary adjustments that may have a serious impact on delivery
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LO-health-care-neg - Health Care Negative Dartmouth 2K9 1...

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