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FARC will attack the panama canal and create South American instability. Messing and Thompson 2 – Executive Director; and Research Assistant at National Defense Council Foundation[F. Andy and Ken, “Imperatives of the Colombian Drug War,” Washington Times , May 3, Lexis] But the trouble in Colombia today is not comparable to the problems of Latin America of the '80s. Colombia is not only a national security issue but also a health and safety issue. In Washington, New York City, Los Angeles and Baltimore, heroin and cocaine were responsible for the combined deaths of 2,461 people in the year 2000. Asa Hutchinson, administrator of the Drug and Enforcement Agency, recently said, " The drug supply undermines families and erodes democracies ." He knows that 90 percent of the cocaine and 75 percent of the heroin used in these deaths came from Colombia. The money from the sale of narcotics funds narco-guerrilla groups such as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia ( FARC ), the National Liberation Army (ELN) and extragovernmental paramilitaries. These renegade groups have been fighting the Colombian government in a 40-year civil war that threatens the Latin America's oldest democracy. "Narcoizing" Colombia could bring similar fates to neighboring Panama and Venezuela through a domino effect . It would be , among other things, an economic nightmare if the Panama Canal and approximately 23 percent of Americas' total imported oil from the Andean region fell into these narco-terrorist hands. It is recognized that Colombia's problems did not receive adequate attention during the Clinton administration. U.S. policies on Colombia were tainted by efforts to bifurcate the relationship between drug traffickers and guerrillas. This was done because ignoring the hard problems was easier than doing something about them. However, if nothing is done about Colombian narco- terrorism now, the guerrillas will succeed and add unwarranted credibility and further economic muscle to their ugly activities. One option for the Bush "43" administration is to continue with the Clinton legacy and pay Colombia lip service while the narco-guerrillas take over. President Bush may be able to ignore Colombia for one term, but eventually the problems will be unavoidable. America may be so far behind the power curve that access to Colombian oil, agri-products and other resources will require appeasement of a Colombian narco- state. A signal that the administration may be prepared to get tough with narco-guerrillas came last Tuesday when a federal grand jury in Washington indicted the FARC organization and six of its members on murder and other charges. An alternative option is to focus on reducing the demand for drugs domestically . Some may believe we can avoid getting involved in Colombia if drug-related deaths are reduced through drug treatment. A problem with this option is that while drug treatment saves lives, an increase in the volume of drugs entering the U.S. ultimately will
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Needle+Exchange+stuff-+Farc+Impacts+Updates - FARC will...

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