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D. Impact: Proliferation provides a justification for preemptive wars and redefines nuclear weapons as conventional weapon insuring their use Peter Weiss , Six Reasons Why Nuclear Weapons Are More Dangerous than Ever; 22 Am. U. Int'l L. Rev. 400 (2006-20 07 ) I am going to give you six reasons why the need to take Article VI seriously is greater today than ever before.10 Number one, nuclear weapons have become a justification for preemptive war . In my view, Congress would never have given the President the authority to invade Iraq if Congress had not believed at the time that they were doing it because of Saddam's nuclear weapons program." And that kind of thinking is now likely to repeat itself. Who knows what we're going to do about Iran or North Korea or the next country that says to the world "if the eight countries that have them now think they need nukes for their security, why not we?" All we know is that "all options are on the table," including, at least in the case of Iran, the nuclear option.'2 Number two, there is the effect that nuclear weapons
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