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State funding mech //GT Dartmouth 2K9 1 Tobacco tax would generate 2 billion dollars per state Skelton 8/13 (George Skelton, political correspondent for the LA times for 35 years “Lighting up a revenue idea” Aug 13 th 2009,0,2905214.column) That acknowledged, I believe it's time to raise the tobacco tax . Raise it by a hefty amount. Be a bully. It's cowardly because smokers are sitting ducks -- unlike billionaires, big corporations, labor brotherhoods and other political investors, er, campaign contributors. But there's no stomach for raising broad-based taxes -- income, sales, vehicle -- at least among Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Republican legislators and apparently the voters. Anyway, those taxes already were hiked temporarily in February and voters rejected a two-year extension. The oil lobby so far has fought off Democratic efforts to impose an oil extraction tax. Property taxes seem sacrosanct. State government, however, desperately needs more money -- partly to pay for the costly medical care of impoverished smokers who suffer tobacco-caused diseases . And a logical source for the money is smokers themselves. Some data: * It costs state and local governments about $4 billion annually for the treatment of tobacco-related diseases, according to the American Lung Assn. of California. Medi-Cal, the state insurance program for the poor, spends nearly $3 billion. * Poor people smoke proportionately more than the rest of the population. They're the ones who depend on government-paid medical care. The state Department of Public Health reports that roughly 14% of California adultssmoke. But 20% of Medi-Cal recipients do. So do 22.5% of the uninsured who tend to clog costly hospital emergency rooms where, by law, they must be treated. Among adult men who earn less than $25,000 and didn't go to college, nearly 25% smoke. Among those making more than $50,000 with a college degree, only 7.5% smoke.
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Statespending - State funding mech/GT Dartmouth 2K9 1...

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