femininity - Femininity Sigmund Freud NEW INTRODUCTORY...

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This lecture is mainly based on two earlier papers: 'Some Psychical Consequences of the Anatomical Distinction between the Sexes' and 'Female Sexual- ity'. The last section, however, dealing with women in adult life, contains new material. Ladies and Gentlemen, --All the while I am prepar- ing to talk to you I am struggling with an internal difficulty. I feel uncertain, so to speak, of the extent of my license. It is true that in the course of fifteen years of work psycho-analysis has changed and grown richer; but, in spite of that, an introduction to psycho-analysis might have been left without altera- tion or supplement. It is constantly in my mind that these lectures are without a raison d'être. For ana- lysts I am saying too little and nothing at all that is new; but for you I am saying too much and saying things which you are not equipped to understand and which are not in your province. I have looked around for excuses and I have tried to justify each separate lecture on different grounds. The first one, on the theory of dreams, was supposed to put you back again at one blow into the analytic atmosphere and to show you how durable our views have turned out to be. I was led on to the second one, which followed the paths from dreams to what is called occultism, by the opportunity of speaking my mind without con- straint on a department of work in which prejudiced expectations are fighting to-day against passionate resistances, and I could hope that your judgment, educated to tolerance on the example of psycho- analysis, would not refuse to accompany me on the excursion. The third lecture, on the dissection of the personality, certainly made the hardest demands upon you with its unfamiliar subject-matter; but it was impossible for me to keep this first beginning of an ego-psychology back from you, and if we had possessed it fifteen years ago I should have had to mention it to you then. My last lecture, finally, which you were probably able to follow only by great exertions, brought forward necessary correc- tions--fresh attempts at solving the most important conundrums; and my introduction would have been leading you astray if I had been silent about them. As you see, when one starts making excuses it turns out in the end that it was all inevitable, all the work of destiny. I submit to it, and I beg you to do the same. Today's lecture, too, should have no place in an in- troduction; but it may serve to give you an example of a detailed piece of analytic work, and I can say two things to recommend it. It brings forward noth- ing but observed facts, almost without any specula- tive additions, and it deals with a subject which has a claim on your interest second almost to no other. Throughout history, people have knocked their
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femininity - Femininity Sigmund Freud NEW INTRODUCTORY...

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