Exam II Fall 2008

Exam II Fall 2008 - Chemistry 161 Exam II Student...

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C161f08e2v1 1 Chemistry 161 Exam II October 29, 2008 Student Name (Print): ____________________ Recitation Section Number: FF Recitation Instructor: __________________ The exam booklet has 25 questions for credit and one additional question to check the color of your exam booklet. Please answer all 26 questions on the OpScan sheet. There is no penalty for guessing. At the end of the 80-minute exam period, please hand in only this top sheet and your OpScan form. If you finish early, please do not disturb your fellow students. A proctor will check your picture ID, OpScan form, signature and calculator during the exam. The use of calculators with permanent memories (graphing calculators), cell phones, pagers, PDAs or other electronic devices other than a basic scientific calculator is expressly forbidden. The last pages of the booklet contains a periodic table along with other useful data. The use of any other notes or information on this test will be considered a violation of the Academic Honesty provisions of the student code. Exam scores will be posted as soon as possible. There is a five point penalty for failing to bubble in your information! . ON THE OpScan FORM (Use a #2 pencil or darker) Sec Per. Instr Sec Per. Instr 1. SIGN your name across the top of the form. 01 M3 DS 19 M1 LK 2. Code the following information ( blacken circles) 02 M5 EL 20 M3 NM Your Name (LAST NAME FIRST) 03 M5 GG 21 M3 GG Your RU ID NUMBER 04 W3 RA 22 W1 NM [Start under Box A and continue to Box I ] 05 W5 RA 23 W1 ET Your RECITATION SECTION NUMBER in 06 W5 HS 24 W3 GG [Sections 01-09, code a 0 under box K ] 07 F3 HS 25 Th1 ET Your EXAM FORM NUMBER under box P 08 F5 LP 26 Th1 SM 09 F5 HS 27 Th3 LP KM = K. Mukherjee, DS = D. Siegel, EL = E. Lee 28 Th3 SM ET = E. Tavss, GG = G. Govindarajoo, HS = H. Sangari OS KM Please bubble 99 29 Th3 ET LK = L. Klein, MV = M. Viterelli, 12 M2 LK 30 M6 YS YS = Y. Shin, LP = L. Petrone, NM = N. Marky 13 W2 NM 31 M6 EL SM = S. Marvasti, RA = R. Agarwal 14 W2 HS 32 M6 MV Periods: 1 = 9:30-10:25, 2 = 11:10-12:05 15 Th2 LP 33 W6 MV 3 = 12:15-1:10 or 12:50-1:45 16 M2 NM 34 W6 RA 5 = 3:35-4:30, 6 = 5:15-6:10, 8 = 8:25p-9:20p 17 W2 LK 35 M8 MV Your EXAM FORM is c 18 M1 HS 36 M8 EL
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C161f08e2v1 2 Your EXAM FORM is c 1 Which are examples of electromagnetic radiation? X. Visible light Y. Radio waves Z. X-rays A. X only B. Y only C. Z only D. X and Z only E. X, Y, and Z 2 Mg(s) + ½ O 2 (g) MgO(s) Δ H = -603 kJ What amount of Mg must burn in order to release enough heat to warm up 475 g of water from 20.0 o C to 85.0 o C. The specific heat of water is 4.18 K g J . A.
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Exam II Fall 2008 - Chemistry 161 Exam II Student...

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