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Chapter 10 Outline - someone involved in that person’s...

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Know the story at the beginning of the chapter about Fred & his overweight tendency. Motivation —the moving force that energizes behavior. Emotion —a positive or negative feeling state that typically includes arousal, subjective experience, and behavioral expression; also called affect . 1. What/Why doesn’t Fred have any friends? Why is he depressed? Loss of love. -If people are educated and given information they don’t have—then that individual doesn’t have willpower— FRED, motivated to lose weight. -Willpower IS NOT the agent of change people do not make lasting change to themselves which was used willpower through you. -Very few people are successful at dieting for the long run. -What we think is the way people change is through educating them & willpower. -Fundamental change occurs by increasing, our awareness through loving relationships. -The only way to make someone who feels like garbage, stop believing they feel like garbage, is to have
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Unformatted text preview: someone involved in that person’s life that will treat that individual like they are special/LOVED.-Fundamental model of change is to raise awareness in the context of a loving relationship-Humility is an aspect of love these are the things I do well—that doesn’t mean that I am better than anyone else vice versa. -Suicide it is not depression purse that predicts Suicide it is more of a sense of hopelessness that causes one to commit suicide. - When people feel there is one person that cares about them—you reduce one’s chance of committing suicide.-Best idea = LOVE!! How do you rev up your willpower!? YOU yell at yourself, curse at yourself, you must do this to make yourself feel good. EX: “YOU MUST GET A GOOD GRADE TO FEEL GOOD”—Rev up yourself. 2 Things Freud...
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