FINAL NOTES ALL - Chapter 10 Outline Beginning of the...

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Chapter 10 Outline Beginning of the chapter: All about Fred & his depressing life, how he lost his wife, and how he no longer can work and has no unemployment checks left and how he looks to food for his motivation. That is the thing he can turn to, which he knows will make him happy and maybe do something with his shitty living situation. -Fred is motivated to eat food like other people find their solace in alcohol or drugs; or others, in indiscriminate sex—whatever makes them feel good in the immediate. Like that white bitch whose flirting with AO (seriously get some ass man and stop being a white ass slutty mother fucker). -This chapter focuses on motivation —the moving force that energizes behavior. -Additionally this chapter is focused on emotion / affect —a positive or negative feeling state that typically includes arousal, subjective experience, and behavior expression; also referred to as affect . Several issues emerge throughout this chapter. -1 st the eextent to which people are driven by internal needs or pulled by external goals or stimuli. -2 nd issue is the extent to which human motivation is rooted in biology or influenced by culture & environment. -3 rd issue is the relative importance of thoughts, emotions, and arousal in motivation. Motivation has 2 components: WHAT people want to do AKA the goals they want to pursue, and 2 how strongly they want to do it. -psychodynamic perspective emphasizes the biological basis of motivation. Humans are animals, and their motive sreflect their animal heritage. -Freud—humans are like other animals and are motivated by things referred to as DRIVES —the thing that motivates Hema to beat white sluts who are clearly not meant to do anything in this world and who are worthless (according to Freud, unpleasant tension states that build up until satisfied; according to behaviorist theory, an unpleasant tension state that motivates behavior, classified as either primary or secondary (acquired). -Freud—proposed 2 basic drives SEX & AGGRESSION (both of which HEMA has). - The sexual drive includes desires for LOVE, lust, intimacy, whereas the aggressive drive includes not only blatantly aggressive or sadistic impulses but desires to control or master other people and the environment (typical definition of Hema N. Patel). -Freud proposed self-preservation and sex as the two basic drives, much like the evolutionary concept of reproductive success, which includes survival and reproduction. -Psychodynamic views of motivation have advanced considerably since Freud’s death. In addition to sexual and aggressive desires, psychodynamic theorists now emphasize two other motives in particular: the need for relatedness to others (independent of sexual desires) and the need for self-esteem. -
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FINAL NOTES ALL - Chapter 10 Outline Beginning of the...

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