Psychology Participation Agreement 2.5 Hours

Psychology Participation Agreement 2.5 Hours - Since...

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Since experimentation is a prime source of information for the field of psychology, contact with experimental procedures is required in this course and may be fulfilled through one of the following two methods. Non-fulfillment of this requirement will result in a deduction from your final course grade total equal to one-half standard deviation of the class distribution of total points (see textbook for information regarding standard deviations). This could lower your final grade a full letter grade (i.e., A to B, B to C, etc.). A. OPTION 1: EXPERIMENTAL PARTICIPATION 1. This method requires you to participate in several experiments for a total of 2-1/2 hours, equaling five Research Participation Units (RPUs). Each experiment will provide a specific number of RPUs, allocated in half-hour units, which will be indicated in the experiment’s description. You may choose to participate in any number of experiments, provided that you obtain a total of five RPUs, (e.g, one two-hour experiment and one half-hour experiment, or five half-hour experiments). The last day for participation is one week prior to the last day of classes (there may be some exceptions). Note that 1 RPU will be given in exchange for each ½ hour of participation, except in the case of
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Psychology Participation Agreement 2.5 Hours - Since...

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