Lecture+04 - Subatomic ?wfid:s I #Hx mm -— mass 041 IKMH...

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Unformatted text preview: Subatomic ?wfid:s I #Hx mm -— mass 041 IKMH z mmn— Masso4 Ifgwm if C) Sleamfl— QWMI‘C mama“! mm A -—.==.> MESS MW "5 and View Fm and mums an. m: #32: M11: a 'h‘ny, W3 9 GM“ C01"! 0f- W 35mm $elemenf-5 wfiflm gamuch Swonftofipruw ua‘ mm gleam; dismal (2mm it Wfl‘fi? =83 fifi‘m nucleus. Sm" as m m mum-v i qt M35 ‘ 87 can! J|= P”"-‘“¥""-s lTC] "CI and mm Lamas 3,: 4, w maul and» mu) :1 prams (-1: print; WDMIC. Mags 1' Elem ‘5” W “Me New WWC'w‘alucm Cam "3 Mamas] Isonpggg 513: r: 45- {In W‘WW’EWQ ‘somej J “gamut L j m» occur in aa‘ .993 Fair- W'@ sum; or Manda. 998:7 “an!” Exercise 2.414 . mm" mass 3 nahualtq ocwwy Isms of 6M - wficaJ mum: of “Jun. clams kw hm n‘mflar “,f” 90mm, t‘l- W241; W3 “gal 04m,o 20.9151: Mufi— hon‘zorrral I'OWGF mm 61.21?» at. W 13? Mbm‘c was 0F Ne? . (o-fian x I‘D-$12414.) + (0-0027 I --|m.w. We.» . - L Know-9931:, , _ _. an.an.\ ‘— gynlnrfin'hl Railwhrqu .. W of H” b Eggsws em» . J MP Some. dame-i5 can am:- a; Manuams more some mm d. bah “SK: c‘a; IR! Mamas and Max“: M Momma—m ,m ‘5" .03 he (exme 3%lew ‘3' - 3mm “"1 01"“ mum” . ~ .. srmplmw u/ \H m Empmw W 5 ans ) $9! a command Mm (943 can We 1%! 5401! L’ W W WW .ngmwla. _ ____ — WW“ Farm {may WWI-v.4 a; mum: r as aw «4 <3?“ “ mg "5 ° which M was firm? — ‘* —- .— — Mam! * \ M"Cf c o H. Tn -Ge.n¢ral rule: H H—CEN writ {Im‘rsf Ha sumo} mt Hm PM . canal... bond <'. M hand " in H-s group. Wubw waoh‘ms: Hyman , away: and WM W cam. W3 bond ‘Pew as a-Ftowdwt Naflfiflfiwh W . S2 as am” mung“ D W Fl‘rs'f film” in mi,” Eon _ M (mm or WW: 0* "3. who firm aw: toms mm“ m' Wm +c can: 0mm 23 W. 2nd dame!!! “45 a” m. _and MM- 9- M £31 Na Chas ll 2:) -=— l'e.‘ Reluhs m stand clamw‘ - name. 0.541 regime army is; No“? (Ms [De 3 m III-[11$ ' um (75-) +Ie.‘ '='>a-— a) Ma‘an arequ hm. ‘ (hams) nun-bus of cums PMW' j ?o$i'|'frd3 mad was =9 m 82.: WW 1-3 Pt 50 vaa3 Med imab anions ‘9wa mm is “gym” for An ionic c :5 a W at. AK W Wu “(W M ‘eld 5W g umflm’: Sgalna. sulfur- Moxl‘dz. nW a la" mum PC s phasamiflmmtm'g fl Wang "3 Sim: ram + _ W Na :1 .="""\ Polgmmfc fans all, if» W. mflm loam we covalent bonds $1 (Chain; See 5‘3 52-00 H of (“€th W nannchfle anions) Tabb 24+ :4 Common hfimnuI-ans. Gnu-II Names of [8+ (0 almg ...
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Lecture+04 - Subatomic ?wfid:s I #Hx mm -— mass 041 IKMH...

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