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CHEMISTRY 1A03 Fall 2009: Information Sheets Page 1 of 10 These sheets provide answers to most of your questions about the organization of the course. We suggest that, after reading them carefully, you keep them with your notes for future reference. The online version contains useful links and updates. COURSE OBJECTIVES Chemistry 1A03 is an introductory chemistry course intended to: discuss chemical concepts, theories and examples of fundamental chemistry apply chemistry to current examples within the themes of health, energy and the environment help develop skills needed to solve chemical problems (this largely takes place in the tutorials) provide some experience in the experiment-driven investigation of chemical questions (this largely takes place in the laboratory) SECTIONS AND INSTRUCTORS Chemistry 1A03 is taught in four sections. Students may not transfer between these sections unless there is a genuine and serious conflict. Such students should see the Year One Laboratory Coordinator, in ABB/121, during the first week of classes. All lectures are held in BSB/147 or MDCL/1305. LECTURE TIMES/LOCATIONS SECTION 01 – PAUL HATALA (TBA) Tues, Thurs, Fri 11:30 (BSB/147) SECTION 02 – Dr. J. LANDRY (ABB/121) Mon, Thu 15:30 & Tues 16:30 (MDCL/1305) SECTION 03 - Dr. G. GOWARD (ABB/268) Mon, Wed, Fri 9:30 (BSB/147) SECTION 04 - Dr. P. BRITZ MCKIBBIN (ABB/205) Mon, Wed 8:30 & Fri 10:30 (BSB/147)) The instructor facilitates the in-class sessions, which include, but are not limited to: presentation of some the course material, interactive activities, demonstrations, and discussion. The instructor is also available for one-on-one discussions during office hours, and monitors the on-line postings. As often as possible s/he will also visit the labs and tutorials, which are run by graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. LABORATORY COORDINATOR Dr. J .C. LANDRY (ABB/121) EXT. 22485; [email protected] The laboratory coordinator coordinates the teaching assistants, labs and tests for all sections of the course. Scheduling, permission and exemption issues for labs or tests should be addressed to him. SCI 1A00 All students taking chemistry courses must complete (or must have previously completed) this safety course presented by Environmental & Occupational Health Support Services (formerly Risk Management). The course is offered through ELM. Students not viewing this course should contact EOHSS ( [email protected] , x24352) to be added.
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