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Outline of Chapter 7

Outline of Chapter 7 - Chapter Objectives for Chapter 7...

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Chapter Objectives for Chapter 7, Petrucci, 9th ed. - Edited for Chem 1A03. Ch 7 Thermochemistry The most important objectives appear in bold font. Objectives (or parts of objectives) for which you are not responsible appear in red . 1. Distinguish between heat and work. 2. Use heat capacity to determine temperature changes and quantities of heat, or specific heat to determine temperature changes, quantities of heat or masses, including conversion between joules and calories. 3. Apply the first law of thermodynamics: Δ U = q+w. 4. Describe the combustion reactions involved in processes of respiration (breaking down fats/sugars to CO 2 2 O), and the relative energies obtained from these processes. 5. Understand the important issues related to the use of fossil fuels vs. renewable energy sources, including implications of relative energies obtained from the combustion of various fuels, and the carbon cycle. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of biodiesel. 6. Know the definition of work and calculate pressure-volume work for a gas.
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