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Outline of Chapter 8 - Chapter Objectives for Chapter 8,...

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Chapter Objectives for Chapter 8, Petrucci, 9th ed. - Edited for Chem. 1A03. 8 Electrons in Atoms The most important objectives appear in bold font. Objectives (or parts of objectives) for which you are not responsible appear in red . 1. Apply the fundamental expression relating the frequency, wavelength, and velocity of electromagnetic radiation, with appropriate regard for units. 2 . List the various types of radiation and their approximate wavelengths ( be familiar with UV, visible, IR ). 3. Know how light is dispersed into a spectrum and the difference between continuous and line spectra. 4. Use the Rydberg equation (8.6) to determine the wavelengths of lines in the hydrogen spectrum. 5. Know and be able to use Planck’s equation. Describe the photoelectric effect experiment and apply the relationship between photon energy, binding energy (work function) and kinetic energy. 6. Know and be able to apply Bohr’s model of the hydrogen atom: the assumptions, the picture of the atom, the energy expression, and the energy-level
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