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Chapter Objectives for Chapter 9, Petrucci, 9th ed. - Edited for Chem 1A03. 9 The Periodic Table and Some Atomic Properties The most important objectives appear in bold font. Objectives (or parts of objectives) for which you are not responsible appear in red . 1. Illustrate the periodic law with graphs of selected properties of the elements as a function of atomic number. 2. Use the terms periods, groups, families, representative elements, and transition elements to describe individual elements and groupings of elements in the periodic table. 3. Describe metals, nonmetals, metalloids, and noble gases in several ways and locate them in the periodic table. Explain that the noble gases are not all “inert”, and that they form compounds with highly oxidizing elements like oxygen and fluorine. 4. State the factors that influence atomic size; distinguish among covalent, ionic, metallic, and van der Waals radius ; and describe the general trends in atomic size that occur within families and groups. 4b.
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