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Outline of Chapter 19

Outline of Chapter 19 - Chapter Objectives for Chapter 19...

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Chapter Objectives for Chapter 19, Petrucci, 9th ed. - Edited for Chem. 1A03. Ch 19 Spontaneous Change and Free Energy The most important objectives appear in bold font. Objectives (or parts of objectives) for which you are not responsible appear in red . 1. Explain the meaning of the term “spontaneous change” as it applies to chemical reactions. 2. Explain why entropy is important and how entropy is related to the disorder of the system. 3. Explain how absolute entropies of substances can be determined with the third law of thermodynamics. 4a. State and understand the second law of thermodynamics. 4b. Explain why entropy of the system alone is not used to predict a spontaneous change and why free energy is needed. 5. Qualitatively predict whether entropy increases or decreases for certain processes. 6. Explain the entropy change associated with an airbag detonation. Describe the chemistry of how the airbag reaction works, as well as its subsequent reactions. 7a. Qualitatively predict whether reactions are spontaneous or non-spontaneous
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