Two Philosophical Arguments For The Existence of God

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Two Philosophical Arguments For The Existence of God Cosmological Argument- Having to do with the universe origin( in order for the universe to exist there must be a God.) Premises Outline: 1.Everything has a cause 2.Nothing is self caused 3.The series of causes isn’t infinite 4.There is a first cause 5.God is the first cause Concerns are it doesn’t give us good reason to believe a cause Teleological Argument: God exists because of the complexity of the world Premise Outline
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Unformatted text preview: 1. The world contains many things that are very beautiful 2.These things could not have not been designed and just come into place 3.They must have been designed by an intelligent designer( 1,2, 3)(Combated with evolution) 4.The designer must be God Two kinds of worries-Reason to believe in a designer things could have been caused by a completely different avenue. Like Evolution or the big bang. Reason to believe its God Mackie: paradigm of the stone....
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