guide for exams 1 - BIOEE2780 Evolutionary Biology and...

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BIOEE2780 Spring 2010 Evolutionary Biology and Diversity R. Harrison A GUIDE TO PREPARING FOR THE FIRST PRELIM This handout provides a brief summary of the "importance" of lecture and text material that we will have covered in the first five weeks of class. It is very difficult to give specific advice, so please use this document as a general guideline only. Material covered in lecture is always fair game for the exam. You should initially concentrate on the lecture outlines, PowerPoint presentations, and your lecture notes. Remember that we are primarily interested in your understanding of concepts and approaches; simply memorizing facts without having a clear framework of ideas upon which to hang the facts is not a very productive strategy. However, facts are important, and when asked to explain the concept of allometry (or vicariance or homoplasy, etc.), it is useful to have examples that illustrate your arguments. But you need not know the details of all examples. Breadth of understanding coupled with the ability to cite some specific examples is probably the best overall strategy for you to adopt. The text covers more material than we have had time to discuss in class. The text both complements and supplements the lectures; many figures that have been used in the lecture PowerPoint presentations come directly from the text - and understanding how to interpret/explain these figures is essential. Obviously, not all material in the text is relevant, and below we attempt to provide a brief guide to using the text: Chapter 1: History and general background information. You should know a bit about Charles Darwin and his contributions to evolutionary biology. Don’t worry (at this point) about the history of the evolutionary synthesis or the people involved, but DO review the fundamental principles of evolution on pp. 9-10. Chapter 2: This is an important chapter, which reviews the methodology of phylogenetic inference. Most of the material in the chapter has been covered in lecture. Some material toward the end of the chapter (on gene trees and lineage sorting) will become important later in the course, but will NOT be covered on the exam. Where detailed evolutionary trees are
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guide for exams 1 - BIOEE2780 Evolutionary Biology and...

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