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guide for prelim2

guide for prelim2 - BIOEE 2780 Evolutionary Biology and...

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BIOEE 2780 Spring 2010 Evolutionary Biology and Diversity R. Harrison A GUIDE TO PREPARING FOR THE SECOND PRELIM With respect to providing general guidelines, we can do no better than repeat the advice provided prior to the first Prelim. All material covered in lecture is fair game for the exam. Therefore, concentrate initially on the lecture outlines, PowerPoint presentations, and your lecture notes. Remember that we are primarily interested in your understanding of concepts and approaches; simply memorizing facts without having a clear framework of ideas upon which to hang the facts is not a very productive strategy. However, facts are important, and when asked to explain concepts (e.g., balancing selection or heritability), it is useful to have a set of examples that illustrates your arguments. As we made clear before, breadth of understanding coupled with the ability to cite specific examples is probably the best overall strategy. WHAT MATERIAL IS MOST IMPORTANT? The material covered in Prelim 2 includes Lectures 16-27 and the associated assigned readings from the text. As was true for the material covered in the first Prelim, the text often goes into more detail than we require that you know (both in terms of developing theory and providing examples). In the "Revised Lecture Outline and Text Readings" we provided you with specific information about what pages in the text were most relevant. This information is reproduced below, with some additional annotations. Chapter 8 Origin of Genetic Variation In Chapter 8, focus on understanding mutation rates, the phenotypic effects and fitness consequences of mutations, the evidence that mutation is random, and the importance of recombination for amounts and patterns of variation. Ignore the section on "Alterations of the Karyotype." Chapter 9 Variation In Chapter 9, do not worry about Boxes 9A and 9B, but do understand inbreeding and inbreeding depression. The concepts/issues covered in the rest of the chapter are important, but recognize that you do not need to remember all of the examples. Chapter 10 Genetic Drift: Evolution at Random (focus on pp. 255-266) The material covered in pages 255-266 focuses on the theory of genetic drift - using two different approaches (coalescent and "traditional"). These basic principles were also developed
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BIOEE 2780 Guide for Prelim 2 2 in lecture. Understand the importance of population size, the concept of "effective population
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guide for prelim2 - BIOEE 2780 Evolutionary Biology and...

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