Othello - Courtney Verblaauw Dr Graves Literature I Is Iago...

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Courtney Verblaauw Dr. Graves Literature I December 10, 2010 Is Iago correct when he argues that it is Othello’s failure to control his passions, which overpower his reason, which ultimately cause the tragedy in Shakespeare’s play Othello? Every tragic hero has a tragic flaw. Being too passionate about something or even someone, can over ride one's good judgment. Having too much passion can bring about endless regrets and consequences, which ultimately lead the individual in making wrong decisions. Throughout Shakespeare’s play Othello , the main character, Othello, lets his emotions take over his motives. Othello is passionately in love with his wife, Desdemona. When he hears of a disturbing rumor about her, instead of thinking over what he heard, Othello lets his weakness take over his actions. He has a weakness towards her beauty and sexual power, which Othello feels belittled towards. Female sexuality is a huge threat to the patriarchal society and Othello must control it, but he fails. Desdemona's sexuality deeply threatens Othello. His blemish is that he is gullible towards Iago’s trickery and lets his reason overpower his passions. Othello is so in love that he has no logic. He is blinded by the love he has towards Desdemona and makes bad decisions. “The nature of the Moor is noble, confiding, tender, and generous; but his blood is of the most inflammable kind; and being once
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Othello - Courtney Verblaauw Dr Graves Literature I Is Iago...

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