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EE338 Lecture A2 Fall 2010 Final Exam Dec. 21 (Tuesday) 9 11AM Formula sheet (letter size, two pages, double sided); NONPROGRAMMABLE calculators only. Contents covered in the final: Inverse Z transform and transform domain analysis of LTI systems; Frequency domain analysis: frequency response of LTI system, DTFT, DFS, and DFT; Digital filters and filter design Covers the following sections in the textbook: Z transform: Section 11.1, 11.7. Frequency domain analysis: chapter 10, Section 5.2 Filter design: 12.7, 12.8 Materials in the textbook that are not covered in the lectures are not required. Covers Assignment 6 to 9. Homework solutions are available on the course website. GO OVER THE HOMEWORK PROBLEMS AGAIN! Show every step of your work, and always justify your answer. Read the problems carefully.
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