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EE338 Lecture A2 Fall 2010 Midterm Exam Oct. 26 (Tuesday) 9:30 11:50AM One page formula sheet (letter size, double sided); NONPROGRAMMABLE calculators only. Contents covered in the midterm: Basic discrete time signals and systems; Time domain linear convolution, and constant coefficient difference equations; Ideal impulse train sampling, Nyquist sampling theorem, and reconstruction of a continuous time signal using ILPF; Definition of the Z transform, properties of ROC, properties of the Z transform, and inverse Z transform using the inspection (table look up) method; Covers the following sections in the textbook: Basic discrete time signals and systems: Chapter 8 Time domain analysis: Chapter 9 Sampling: Section 5.1, Section 8.3 Z transform: Section 11.1 and 11.2 (Note that section 11.1 and 11.2 consider causal signals only.) Materials in the textbook that are not covered in the lectures are not required. Covers Assignment 1 to 5.
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  • unit impulse response, Basic discrete‐time signals, consider causal signals, Time‐domain linear convolution, Ideal  impulse  train

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