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Unformatted text preview: EE 338 Sampling and Reconstruction of a Non‐bandlimited Signal The two‐sided decaying exponential signal exp || , Ω Ω , 0.8 Sampling rate fs=3Hz (Ω 6 ), exp 0.8| |/3 , Ω Ω Ω , exp 0.8/3 Sampling rate fs=1Hz (Ω 2 ), exp 0.8| | , Ω Ω Ω , exp 0.8 Reconstructed signals • • • Most signals in real‐world applications are not bandlimited, though they have very small energies in the high frequency bands With sampling frequency Ω , we lose all information in the high frequency band ( Ω /2). With a higher sampling rate, the difference between the reconstructed signal and the original one is smaller select the sampling rate based on the maximum allowed distortion in the applications ...
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