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03-Snow Drift - surface b Find the acceleration magnitude...

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1m HW 1.1 Bridge Due Wednesday 6/22 (1-D Motion) Name_____________________ 1) The following questions refer to the motion of a heavy ball dropped into a very deep snowdrift as pictured below. You may consider the diagram as a strobe picture of the motion. The mass of the ball is 2.5kg. Let g r = 9.8N/kg down. a) Draw a free body diagram of the ball as it falls toward the snow. Label all forces as in class. Indicate the direction of the acceleration. Also indicate the direction of the net force on the ball. The ball arrives at the snow surface with a velocity of 22m/s down and slows to a stop 1m below the snow
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Unformatted text preview: surface. b) Find the acceleration, magnitude and direction, using i v r , f v r , and v ∆ r arrows and the concept of average velocity. c) Find the net force on the ball as it slows to rest, magnitude and direction, using Newton’s 2 nd Law. Show your reasoning. d) Draw a FBD of the ball consistent with the direction of the net force found in part c. Label all forces as in class and include the directions of the acceleration and net force. e) Find the size of the force that the snow puts on the ball using the FBD in part d. Show your reasoning a = F net = net F a = = r r...
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