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09_04_Airplane - 3 An airplane taxiing from rest speeds up...

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Physics 211 9/4 HW Handout Name_________________________ Fall 2002 Airplane Due Friday 9/6 Use your reasoning skills and the relationships between time, displacement, velocity, and acceleration to do these problems. Do not use the equations in the text. 1) An airplane lands with a velocity of 75m/s. How long should the runway be if the plane needs 8 seconds to slow down to a velocity of 5 m/s? Show your reasoning. 2) An airplane, starting from rest, needs to achieve a velocity of 110 m/s for liftoff. What must its acceleration be if the runway is 600m long? Show your reasoning.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) An airplane taxiing from rest speeds up with an acceleration of 0.5m/s 2 for 16s. For the next 45s the plane taxis at constant speed. Then there is a third interval when the plane slows down with an acceleration of 2m/s 2 until it stops. It may help to draw a velocity vs time graph for this one. a) How fast is the plane going at t = 62s, one second after it begins to slow down? Show your reasoning. b) How for does the plane travel from start to stop? Show your reasoning....
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