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Physics 211 9/5 HW Handout Name________________________ Fall 2002 Graphing Due Monday 9/9 1) Below is a velocity vs. time graph for a remote control car in motion on a straight track. The car and the coordinate system are drawn—notice that right is the positive direction and the car begins its motion at the origin. a) As the car begins moving at t = 0 s, what direction, left or right, is it going? Explain. b) What is the acceleration (magnitude and direction) at
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Unformatted text preview: t = 5 s? Specify direction as left or right. Show your reasoning. c) What is the velocity and acceleration (magnitude and direction) at t = 22 s? Specify direction as left or right. Show your reasoning—use ∆ v for a. d) What is the displacement (magnitude and direction) of the car at t = 18 s? That is, how far is it from the origin and which way, left or right? Show your reasoning. (+) (-) v (m/s) t (s) +10 10 30 20-10 +8 +6 +4 +2-8-6-4-2...
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