10_01_2D_2nd_law - acceleration d Find the velocity when the cart has moved a distance of 5m down the ramp as shown You will need to find the time

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Physics 211 10/1 HW Handout Due Thur 10/4 Fall 2001 2 nd Law in 2D 1) A 10kg cart rolls from rest down a ramp a distance of 5m along the slope. The angle is such that the ramp forms a 3-4-5 right triangle. Let g = 10N/kg for this problem. a) Label the forces in the free body diagram at right, including arrows showing the directions of the acceleration and the net force. b) Find the components of the weight force in the x and y directions on the coordinate systen given. Show your work or reasoning. Hint: The weight force is the hypotenuse of a 3-4-5 right triangle and the sides are the components. c) Identify the net force on the cart and find the acceleration, you should already know the direction of both. Show how you find the net force and the
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Unformatted text preview: acceleration. d) Find the velocity when the cart has moved a distance of 5m down the ramp as shown. You will need to find the time. Show your reasoning. e) Now find the same final velocity using energy and “work.” Show your reasoning using the work energy relation. f) Now do one more thing. Find the final velocity using the vertical height (3m). Multiplying mg times this height gives the “change in potential energy” and also equals the -∆ KE as found in e. ∆ PE = mg ∆ h and ∆ h is negative so ∆ PE is a negative number. ∆ KE is the negative of ∆ PE so ∆ KE is a positive number and means that KE increased. 3m 5m 4m a = F net = x y...
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