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Physics 211 10/2 HW Handout Due Friday 10/4 Fall 2002 Block on a Ramp 1) A hand pushes on a 5.0kg block with a force of 30N directed parallel to the ramp. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction are μ s = 0.4 and μ k = 0.5 respectively. The ramp makes an angle of angle 24 ° with the horizontal. a) Draw a FBD of the block showing all the forces acting on the block. At this point you do not know about a or F net or the acceleration. b) Find the magnitudes of all the forces (except friction) acting on the block. You will need to separate the Weight force into x and y components.
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Unformatted text preview: Show your work. c) Find out whether the friction force is the static or kinetic type, and find its magnitude and direction. Show your reasoning. d) Find F net , magnitude and direction. Show your work. e) For each of the following, briefly explain why each one is possible or not possible. i) Constant speed up or down the ramp ii) Moving up the ramp and speeding up iii) Moving up the ramp and slowing down iv) Moving down the ramp and speeding up v) Moving down the ramp and slowing down 3.0kg N H,B = 24N 24 ° y x a = ? F net = ?...
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