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Physics 211 10/5 HW Handout Due Wednesday 10/10 Fall 2001 Block up a Ramp 1) A hand pushes a 3.0kg block up a rough ramp (there is friction) at constant velocity of 2.0 m/s as shown below. The force the hand puts on the block is 24 N directed parallel to the ramp angle. The ramp makes an angle of angle 24 ° with the horizontal. a) Draw a FBD of the block showing all the forces acting on the block. Include information about the acceleration and the net force. b) Find the magnitudes of all the forces acting on the block.
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Unformatted text preview: Show your reasoning. c) What is the coefficient of kinetic friction, μ k , between the block and ramp? Show your work. The block suddenly encounters a greasy section where the friction drops to 0.1 but the hand continues to apply 24N of force on the block. d) How far will the block move on the greasy section in 2.5s? Show your reasoning. 3.0kg v = 2.0m/s up the ramp 24 ° y x a = F net =...
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