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10_09_Skidding_Objects - Show your reasoning(Use buckets...

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Physics 211 10/9 Homework Handout Due Friday 10/11 Fall 2002 Skidding Objects 1) A 6kg block slides from rest down a curved ramp and then slides across a rough level section. The ramp is frictionless but the level section has a coefficient of kinetic friction of μ k = 0.2. The block loses 3.0m of altitude as it slides to point A. The block comes to rest at point B. Use energy buckets and Work to solve these. a) What is the block’s speed when it reaches point A? Show your reasoning. b) How far does the block slide while slowing and stopping at point B?
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Unformatted text preview: Show your reasoning. (Use buckets and Work.) c) If the blocks mass were doubled, would the block slide twice as far, half as far, or some other distance? Assume it starts from the same altitude. Show your reasoning. 2) A car leaves 10m long skid marks on dry pavement. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.8. a) How fast was the car going? Show your reasoning. Does the mass matter? b) If the car were traveling twice as fast as in part A, how long would the skid marks be? Show your reasoning. A B μ k = 0.2 3.0m v = 0...
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