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10_30_2D_Momentum_Energy - Physics 211 Fall 2002 10/30 HW...

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Physics 211 10/30 HW Handout Due Friday 11/1 Fall 2002 2-D Momentum and Energy 1) A 2kg ball (1) collides with a stationary ball (2) of the same mass. Ball 1 moves off at the angle θ 1 with velocity v 1,f after the collision. All angles are measured with respect to the incoming velocity vector of ball 1. In all the following cases, draw a vector that represents the momentum of ball 2 after the collision as in the example at right. Then, using p 1,i and the x and y components of p 1,f determine p 2,f and v 2,f . Find both magnitude and direction in each case. Note: The momentum vectors are in the same proportion as the velocity vectors only when the masses are the same! Now take the results of the previous HW and determine which of the following are elastic and which
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