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10_xx_Stacked_Blocks - a Draw FBDs of both blocks and...

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Physics 211 10/5 Homework Handout Due Monday 10/9 Fall 2000 1) Two blocks stacked upon one another are pushed along a frictionless table. There is however friction between the two blocks with a coefficient of static friction of μ s = 0.6 and a coefficient of kinetic friction of μ k = 0.4. The mass of A = 5kg and B = 7kg. The blocks do not slip against one another.
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Unformatted text preview: a) Draw FBDs of both blocks and identify all 3 rd law pairs. b) Find the acceleration of the blocks if the hand pushes with a force of 24N. Show your work. c) Find the frictional force on the upper block. Show your reasoning. d) How hard must the hand push so that the upper block just starts to slip? Show your reasoning. B A...
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