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11_07_Torque_Equilibrium - F = ma = 0 b Find all the forces...

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Physics 211 11/7 HW Handout Name_____________________ Fall 2001 Torque in Equilibrium Due Friday 11/9 1) A 3kg sign hangs from a 1kg meter stick, supported by a cable tied to the wall. The mass of the meter stick is uniformly distributed so its CM is in the middle. a) Draw an extended free body diagram of the meter stick, labeled as in class. Draw arrows to scale, thinking about
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Unformatted text preview: F = ma = 0. b) Find all the forces in your free body diagram (magnitude only here, direction given by arrows in FBD). Show your reasoning. c) Find the minimum coefficient of static friction so the meter stick will not slip against the wall. Show your reasoning. 25 ° α = a = τ net = F net =...
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