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Physics 211 11/20 HW Handout Name______________ Fall 2002 SHM and Energy Due Friday 11/22 1) A 2kg mass attached to a horizontal spring is pushed 5cm compressing the spring and is then released from rest. The table is frictionless and the frequency is measured to be 5 Hz. a) What is the spring constant of the spring? Show your work. b) How long will it take the mass to travel the 5cm back to the equilibrium position? Show your work. c) What is the velocity of the mass at the instant it is at the equilibrium position? Show your
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Unformatted text preview: work. Now a second mass of 6kg is gently set on top of the 2kg mass at the instant when the spring is at full extension and the 2kg mass is at its turn around point. The 6kg mass does not slip off. Discuss what happens to each of the following and state by what factor each changes if at all. d) The period and frequency. Explain. e) The amplitude. Explain. f) The energy of the system. Explain. g) The maximum velocity. Explain. h) The maximum acceleration. Explain....
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