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11_22_Pull_Wheel - b If the tension in the string is 75N...

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Physics 211 11/22 HW Handout Name______________________ Fall 2002 Pulling the Wheel (Corrected) Due Wednesday 11/27 1) A wheel is mounted on a frictionless axle and is accelerated to the left from rest by the truck. A string is tied to a wall and causes the wheel to rotate as it moves with the truck. The mass of the wheel is 5kg, its radius is 0.4m, and its moment of inertia I = 0.4kg m 2 . a) Draw a FBD of the wheel that accounts for the acceleration left and the angular acceleration clockwise. The axle applies two normal forces to the wheel.
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Unformatted text preview: b) If the tension in the string is 75N, find the angular acceleration of the wheel in Rad/s 2 . Show your work. c) Using a = r α , find the translational acceleration (a) and the horizontal force the axle puts on the wheel. Show your work. d) Find all the following at the instant the truck is 2m from its starting position, making sure all are consistent with each other. Show all your work for each on a separate sheet. i) ∆ t ii) ∆θ ιιι29 ϖ iv) v v) vi) KE T vii)KE R viii) Work T ix) Work R...
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