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12_09_Rotate_Disk - Include near you FBD the directions of...

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Physics 211 12/9 HW Handout For practice Fall 2002 Rotating Disk 1) A block of mass 0.5kg is sitting (without slipping) on a disk that rotates once around in T= 3s. The radius of the disk is 0.5m but the block is only 0.2m from the axis of rotation. The coefficient of static and kinetic friction are μ s = 0.2 and μ k = 0.3 respectively. a) In the box at right draw a FBD of the block when it is at the location shown. Include near you FBD the directions
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Unformatted text preview: Include near you FBD the directions of a and F net . b) Find the magnitudes of all the forces on your FBD. Show your reasoning. c) The block is moved out to the very edge so it is 0.5m from the axis. Does the block stay put? Show your reasoning. d) When the block is at the edge, with what period, T, should the disk rotate so that the block just barely hangs on? Show your reasoning. a = F net =...
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