Exam_IV_01P - Exam 4 Dec 6 2001 Physics 211 Fall 2001 Name...

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Physics 211 Fall 2001 Name_________________________ Dec. 6, 2001 This exam consists of four questions, each with several parts. If you cannot do one part, move on to the next. Partial credit will be given on all parts of this exam. This is a closed book exam. You will need a calculator. Please remember to write your name above, and on every page. To receive full credit, you must show all your reasoning. Remember that arrows are a great aid in reasoning and that relying on plus and minus signs can be tedious and dangerous! Correct answers are not enough, and if fact, less important than your reasoning. Do not worry too much about errors in calculation, as I will look more for your understanding of, and your ability with, the concepts. Do not use the “kinematic equations” from the text. All problems can be solved with the concepts and equations given on the front sheet. Please ask if the wording of a question is not clear to you. If you do not know where to start, do something and comment on the reasonableness of your result. It may help to write down what you intend to do before you do it. Please write your name on every page.
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Exam_IV_01P - Exam 4 Dec 6 2001 Physics 211 Fall 2001 Name...

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