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01_17_Interference - 1 and PL 2 are given below For each...

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Physics 212 1/17 HW Handout Name________________________ Spring 2003 Interference Due Thursday 1/23 1) Two speakers emit sound in phase at a frequency of 245Hz. The speakers are 10m apart and emit sound in all directions. A microphone is placed at various locations and used to check for constructive or destructive interference. The path lengths from each speaker to the microphone’s location (PL
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Unformatted text preview: 1 and PL 2 ) are given below. For each location, determine if the microphone will pick up sound. The speed of sound is 343m/s. Show all your work. 2) Repeat the above problem (all parts) if the speakers are out of phase. Show you work or explain your answers. Speaker 1 Speaker 2 10m a) PL 1 = 5.2m PL = 8.0m b) PL 1 = 6.2m PL = 6.9m c) PL 1 = 7.7m PL = 5.6m...
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