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01_22_Interference - “no frequencies.” Explain your...

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Physics 212 1/22 HW Handout Name________________________ Spring 2003 Interference (more than one frequency) Due Friday 1/24 1) Two speakers can both emit any frequency between 100Hz and 500Hz. Both speakers emit the same frequency in phase at any given time. For each part below, find the particular frequencies satisfying the given interference condition. Only consider frequencies between 100Hz and 500Hz. Sound waves travel at 343m/s. The answers may be “all frequencies” or
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Unformatted text preview: “no frequencies.” Explain your reasoning. a) Constructive interference at a point an equal distance from each speaker. b) Constructive at a point 6.5m from one and 7.0m from the other. c) Destructive at a point 6.0m from one and 7.5m from the other. d) Constructive at a point 5.0m from one and 9.0m from the other. e) Constructive at a point 8.0m from one and 9.0m from the other....
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